Your Story, Your Way – Live Paintings with a Local Artist

Are you soon to be hosting an event that celebrates a chapter in your life?

When planning for any sort of party- whether it is a bridal party, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, vowel renewal, or even something as simple as a dinner party, it can certainly be daunting. But not all of it has to be. These events are celebratory! We are bringing those we love together to celebrate- whether it is what is to come, or what has already passed- and that means it is a cause for joy.

Local artist Rachel Justice provides a unique, skilled live painting service that will allow you to showcase the beauty and love in these memories. This unique experience brings to the table a great sense of togetherness and culture that will be captured indefinitely. These cherished memories can be expressed in a way that tailors to the needs and desires of each individual, while providing a form of unparalleled beauty that can be showcased on the mantel for years to come.

It is important to find the best option when it comes to capturing these memories. How wonderful and worthwhile all of it is, when you have these cherished memories to look back on and you’re able to share them with those you love years down the road. Not just with words and with warm smiles of fondness, but with beautiful, personalized paintings that are showcased on your walls in a unique and captivating way. With a personalized live painting, it not only offers a chance for us to feel like we are reliving that occasion later on, but gives a cultured form of entertainment during the event as well. It goes beyond just having a photographer, and offers a chance for the host to be involved with the style and capturing of these moments. It offers the artist’s unique rendition and that is something in which you can also participate.

These are a few images of a bridal shower that was hosted at the American-Croatia Lodge located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Providing services in Cleveland, Columbus, and all of the surrounding areas, Rachel Justice can provide a beautiful experience in capturing the memories that you want to hold onto, and in that process create a tailored experience that you won’t soon forget.

Contact Rachel here to capture the next chapter in your story in a unique, worthwhile way.