The Live Painting Experience For Worship

We become like what we worship and behold

“Images navigate where intellect cannot tread. They root themselves where words cannot pierce. They can be the lone star shining in the blackest night or the poignant sense of awe that breaks through the hum-drum of life. God is not just the Word but also the Image.” – Anselm Society

Why Have a Live Artist at Your Worship Experience?

If you are looking for an added way to connect with your audience, an on-site artist adds a very unique visual experience that makes a memorable impact. Not only will your audience be further engaged throughout the whole service, the painting can be used in any number of ways afterwards. Watch the painting come to life, right before your eyes.

The Live Painting Experience For Worship

Live event painting adds another dimension to worship! Watch as I transform the message into something beautiful and tangible. Your audience will feel the connection with the canvas, and it will provide additional depth to the powerful words you’re sharing.

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