I’m honored to have been able to work with such amazing people.  Here are a few reviews from happy clients!  If you are interested in a live painting for your wedding or event, please contact me for a consultation.

Wedding Painting Review

“I’m one of those brides that doesn’t do anything without purpose. We opted not to do wedding programs, but I wanted something during the prelude that would entertain our guests. My fiancé and I have had the opportunity to see Rachel paint on numerous occasions. She’s always done a beautiful job, and agreed to do a live painting during our wedding ceremony. We are so glad she did! Now we have a meaningful painting that we can keep to forever commemorate our wedding day!

Rachel has the skill and insight of an artist to truly portray love, passion and emotion into her paintings. I highly recommend her to paint during your wedding ceremony or any occasion looking for a talented painter.”

-Heather Bond

Live Worship Painting Review

“I had seen this particular painting at church for quite awhile. One time as I was admiring the colors I realized, that I could see Jesus’s face, His face wasn’t prominent in the painting, I had to search for it. And that just resonated with me personally so much. I was just hoping to buy a smaller version, but when Rachel said I could purchase that piece, I just knew I had to get it. Her painting has blessed me so much, I absolutely love it!”

-Jill L.

Wedding Painting Review

“I cannot say enough good about our experience with Rachel’s live paintings. Rachel is a very personable artist, making sure to capture our unique personalities as well as our desire for powerful symbolism. Her presence at our ceremony was peaceful, as she painted while the music played. To the amazement of our guests, she began with a plain canvas and nearly completed the masterpiece by the start of our ceremony.”

-Shelby J.

Wedding Painting Review

“Having Rachel paint a portrait for our wedding was something I’ve never experienced before at a wedding! Having her up there for guests to admire while they anticipated the ceremony was breathtaking.

I have heard from many people who attended say that they loved that added element. I would recommend having Rachel paint at any event, whether it be your wedding, or any other special occasion. The power of art brings a whole other dimension to the day!”

-Elizabeth L.

Wedding Painting Review

“Working with Rachel Justice was amazing! When I suggested a completely new background and pose for our unique drawing, she was excited to do whatever we wanted for our home together.

She helped us select the perfect background and also helped us figure out the perfect pose for the environment chosen. This ensured we were on the same page and resulted in the perfect drawing with all the colors and characteristics we desired.

The guests loved watching her paint during the ceremony and our extra video camera on the painting allowed for the best video production I’ve ever seen (and I’ve recorded several weddings myself). It was also really great seeing our guests and their kids gather around to watch her continue painting during the reception.

Having this artwork on our wall brings back all these memories of the day, because to us it represents so much more than a single captured moment.”

-Jonathan R.