When Invisible Becomes Visible

Art is being engaged in creative activities calling for skill and imagination, a tool used to portray the full range of human experience and emotion, something that makes links between the inner life of the imagination and day to day living, that forges emotional connections to other people and in some way makes concrete and actualizes things that are true but abstract. The invisible God becomes visible. Love becomes visible. Mercy becomes visible. Deliverance from sin, and a hatred against that which would destroy His creation, becomes visible through the gentle touch of a hand, the revealing of a relationship. A relationship of love and compassion for humanity, a love for the broken, the downtrodden, and the hurting. He does not send us away but allows our tears to wash His feet. The incarnation of Truth becomes the embodiment of hope. The holy presence of our eternal God becomes that which is His own image. He becomes flesh and blood, to redeem flesh and blood and brings us to Himself.