Visible Hope…

“That the invisible God becomes visible in Christ is a movement whose structure is paralleled in creative activity. Art is sometimes said to be about making the invisible visible- the fleshing out of concepts and ideas. The incarnation also informs our art-making, in that it is the embodiment of both judgement and hope. It manifests judgment in revealing our lust for autonomy instead of a relationship with the creator, and hope in its affirmation of the possibility of re-creation” -Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

Order a Custom Painting for Your Home or Workplace

I believe that watching a piece of art being created can help someone meet their own passions and bring deep understanding to new ideas. If you are interested in owning a piece of inspiration, you can buy a print that illustrates a message that has spoken to you.

You can also have your own personal illustration of your favorite verse or song lyrics custom made! Just ask on the contact page.

Leaning on Everlasting Arms

“Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day,
Leaning on the everlasting arms…
What have I to dread, what have I to fear,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.”

By the time of the second service the painting was progressing more and more. I heard Tony’s preaching voice, but he was hiding up in the balcony.

If you’d like more information on booking me to create live art, during your event, feel free to send me your questions on my contact page

Both Heard and Seen…

I love this quote! It puts my purpose as an artist into words. This gives a glimpse of why I love illustrating what Tony teaches at Mosaic Church on the weekends!

“The art of painting is made for the eyes, for sight is the noblest sense… A thing you behold is easier of belief than [one] that you hear; but whatever is both heard and seen we grasp more firmly and lay hold on more securely. I will therefore continue the word with the work and thus I may be the better understood.”

-Albercht Durer

Go and Do Likewise

Painting For this Sunday’s Sermon.

He came draped in our flesh, walked among us and stooping down as to look us in the eye. he walked among us the condemned, to save the condemned that we may go and do likewise.