Wedding Artist – The Live Painting Experience

There are so many ways to capture your wedding day. From a professional photographer, photobooth, drone, live-streaming and numerous other channels, keeping your big day alive is much easier now in our digital age. And although all of these things are beautiful, taking a step back from our digital era might be exactly what you’re looking for. Having a live painting experience at your wedding can give you a different perspective, insight, and a beautiful masterpiece that you can treasure for the rest of your life as husband and wife.

What’s Included in Your Wedding Painting

Whether you would like a painting during your ceremony or your reception, the addition of live art gives your wedding a new dimension. Before we begin, I will have a detailed consultation with the bride and groom about the event. We’ll put together an outline of what they are looking for, where they would like me to set up, and more. I will dive in to details about wedding themes and color schemes, and other small moments that they might want captured. As a wedding artist, I might not be able to notice a small bracelet that was given to the bride by her father, or a monogram, or the pattern on the groom’s bowtie. By providing me with these small details, it helps ensure that your wedding painting is exactly what you’re looking for.

After the consultation, I will begin preparation for your big day. Upon arrival, I will work with you or your wedding coordinator to ensure I am in the perfect spot to capture your event.

During your wedding I will be working the entire time to capture your perfect day. Your guests will likely be intrigued, and some may even gather around the canvas to watch your masterpiece come together. Generally, your piece will be finished before the end of your wedding. However, if your piece is more detailed, I may need to add finishing touches at my studio. I will provide the packing materials for you to make sure that your painting is easily transportable, then I will congratulate you once more and depart from your event.

“Having this artwork on our wall brings back all these memories of the day, because to us it represents so much more than a single captured moment.”

Schedule Your Consultation

If you would like to schedule a consultation to have a live artist at your wedding, please fill out the contact form below. I would love to discuss the plans for your special day.

Why Have a Live Artist at Your Wedding?

My goal as a live artist is to create something that the bride and groom can treasure for years to come. I want to share their love, their passion, and their memories and create a timeless piece that will evoke emotion throughout the rest of their lives together.

If you are looking for a unique way to capture the memory of your wedding, consider a live painting experience!